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Have you ever tapped into yourself and asked how is it different from being in business
for yourself versus being an employee?

Have you ever listened to that voice in your head in determining someone’s intent and were
wrong and lost something in the process?

Can you see that perception in one’s eye and create a reality that’s actually fantasy is only
one’s model of their world.

You’re an employee working for a company and want to promote to the next level. Why is that important to you? Why is it important to have a job? Answer, to be noticed for a job well done and be compensated financially so we can create a life of dream, possibilities, and opportunity to give to others could be one of many possibilities. Another reason could be for self worth in knowing that hard work, long hours, and recognized for a job well done from superiors create an internal feeling of achievement. How about for personal growth and challenging oneself out of a life of conformity and comfort zone.

Knowing that performing in a manner within an organization has it’s benefits and rewards.
It also allows oneself to be in touch with their inner power and passions where when one everyone succeeds. In order to succeed in an organization there needs to be interdependence. What is Interdependence?Answer, teamwork. When one can collaborate tasks, brainstorm ideas, feed off of each other’s positive energies, and genuinely want to help each other it’s awin, win, win situation for all especially for senior management and owner. When one is in an environment where there is segregation, lack of communication among colleagues and management, and low moral and energy how can one create?
Answer, It starts with you.

Now, let's take a look at being in business for yourself. How does it differ from being an employee in an organization. Answer, it doesn’t other then you’re building someone else’s dreams other than your own. So, how is it the same? In business, you’re providing something that’s going to enhance their life, health and wellness, organization, and relationships in return for an energetic exchange call money. As you do this it’s creating a sense of self worth, accomplishment, and creating a life outside of the box while stretching oneself. Right? Same as an employee.

How do we differentiate a successful employee or entrepreneur verses an unsuccessful employee or entrepreneur. Answer, one’s intention to serve or to make money.
Those known by many and build a reputation of being liked and trusted and providing service of excellence and trailblaze in wanting to make a difference in other’s lives succeed. Those that have the intention to be there to make money fall short in success and community building. Where is your intention?

  • ●  What did you learn?

  • ●  What questions do you have?

  • ●  What do we need to know?

    Projections change the world into the replica of one’s own unknown face.”

    Carl Jung 1875-1961

    Written by Maria Esposito & Zoi Monroy

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