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Let’s begin with a 30 minute complimentary consultation and determine whether our one-on-one mentorship program or group training are a right fit for you. This is a great opportunity for us to explore your road blocks and assess whether it’s in our scope of practice or not.  If I feel your solution lays with a licensed professional we will guide you in the right direction. This consultation is done via phone or Zoom


Your next step is our Assessment where we explore in depth your road blocks and establish the baseline of intervention. This is an in person, 2 hours session and there are no obligation for further services


During our Assessment we will focus on three main areas:


Why you have the road blocks you have

This is the blueprint of you. Why have you made the decision to be where
you are today



How you do the presenting problem

This is the process phase.  How you do one thing is how you do everything


What are the details and focus of your problem

This is the content phase. Your personal history will uncover the details of your Why
and How


As a result of uncovering your blueprint, process and content this may provide enough awareness and allow one to take action.  By taking action and making that first move removes negative emotions and hesitations

In completion of the Assessment, we determine whether it’s the right time to
take the next step and which method best suits your needs


“Abundance Building & State Development Program” WHY MINDSET focused!

This customized program is tailored to your specific needs, roadblocks and desired outcomes in business. Based on your Assessment State Development Program recommendations will be provided specific to your needs. Visit STATE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM for more information.

"Abundance Building & State Development How's are STRATEGIC + TECHNICAL focused!

This strategic and technically based program is based on the HOW'S in creating longterm sustainable wealth within the real estate investment industry in the area's of:


Joint Venture Partnerships



The “Development Program” Experience

What discoveries and results do you

want in your business, money, life, love, health?



This private, one-on-one program is designed for those ready to revolutionize their business, money, life, love and/or health in a way that creates transformational changes NOW. While letting go of past experiences that may have and still be causing roadblock YOU will now achieve a life of clarity, happiness, wholeness, freedom, and wealth in all areas.


You will learn and understand WHY you’ve created the life you currently live and because of the learnings you will achieve an awareness of self. In return, YOU will be open to choices and opportunities that was always there but because of the decisions that kept you stuck and in pain you were not able to see them. NOW YOU CAN!


Your “Development Program” includes:


  • 14-16 hours total breakthrough in 3-4 hours daily sessions

  • 6 hours of post breakthrough Mentoring

  • Time Line Therapy® - Removal of major negative emotions, decisions and beliefs

  • Parts Integration

  • Prime Concerns

  • Strategies

  • Values elicitation and alignment

  • Hypnosis session

  • Strategic planning and goal setting

  • Accountability actioning assignments


You will learn how your mind works which will enable you to improve, create, and discover a healthier and wealthier you in the areas of:


  • Health and Wellness

  • Relationship and love

  • Career and Business

  • Finances


Unlike other forms of therapies and counselling, you will experience a shift right from your first session. We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Creating Your Future™ coaching and Hypnotherapy to help you shift old patterns and outdated beliefs at the source-unlocking lasting change and new possibilities for your health and wellbeing, relationships, career/business, and finances.


Your “Discover You” package results are guaranteed in writing - or we will keep working (for free) until you reach your goal.



This package targets your specific needs and is the introduction in eliminating the Root Cause to the road blocks you are experiencing. While you are being guided through various levels of trance this allows for unconscious and conscious awareness of both Root Cause to the road blocks or un wanted behaviours and states.


Ideal for people that suffer from or would like to gain control over:


  • Stress Management

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Depression

  • Phobias

  • Pain Management


This program is ideal for both Pre or Post Development Program. Targeted Results process is tailored to one specific area. This will also bring into awareness many other elements in other areas of life. Action the change which changes the results.


Your “Targeted Results” package includes:


  • Targeted Results Intake ***BONUS***

  • Time Line Therapy®

  • 4 - 1 hours Hypnosis sessions for targeted area

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